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I started riding when I was 8. After  years of begging my parents to let me ride ,and wishing for a pony every Christmas! Eventually they booked me in for lessons at our local riding school!! To this day, my Dad is still thinking it’s a phase!!

I see most of my achievements as big!! I’m incredibly lucky to ride some amazing horses that keep making my dreams come true! From my first Regional title in 2015, to my first National title at the end of that year to more recently, competing at small tour level at National and International competition!! I think one of the most fun things last year, was competing in the Inter 1 freestyle at the Horse Of The Year Show!!

Both myself and my horses are incredibly lucky to have the support from Nikki! The difference I feel in the horses from her vet physio treatments is fantastic!! Little Cruz used to get quite tight in his changes, even after his first treatment they felt so much more relaxed!!
  I’m feeling much more even down both sides when I ride ( and still lots to improve) I really enjoy our rider fitness sessions which make me so much more aware of my strengths and weaknesses while improving them and making me more aware how they reflect in my riding.



Hello I am called Poppy Pitt and I am 18 years old- just finishing my last year in school. I have been riding for as long as I can remember and pretty sure I first sat on a horse before I could walk! I event at BE Novice and FEI 2* level.


My biggest achievements are qualifying for Badminton Grassroots in 2019, being selected for the BEu18 Eventing Championships for central England in 2019 and becoming NSEA Champion in 2018 all on my pony Blue Blaze. My long term goals are to get to Young Rider Europeans with my horse MHS Africa.


Physio and vet physio really benefit me as I am naturally very tight through my body which affects my position and therefore my horses. Since having physio I have found myself to become straighter and more balanced through my body, which in turn has benefited my horses.



I’m Izzy Hall and I am 16 years old. I started riding when I was about 4 years old, when I joined the Grafton Pony Club and I am now eventing at BE Intermediate and FEI 2*. 

I have been lucky enough to be selected for the Central Region U18 team in both 2017 and 2018. My biggest achievement was last year, when I was selected for the GB Junior development squad to compete at Millstreet, in Ireland. This was my first overseas event, where we had an incredible few days, finishing in first place, ahead of many senior international riders! My goals for next year are to have two horses, Greenvale Altered Image and Tregolls, competing at Intermediate and FEI 3*, while on my younger horse Alston High Seas, steadily taking him up the levels.

Physio and vet physio are really important to me, as they help my position and balance. With Nikki’s expertise, I am aiming to improve my straightness and core strength, which will benefit my horses and our overall performance.

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